Are you the entrepreneurial professional that is seeking to find their identity style wise? We'll help you identify your image and who you want to look like in the public eye. 
First impressions are everything, but so are the impressions you continuously make throughout the year. 
Show up in style with StyleUncuffed.

Email us to customize your Image for your business. 

Business to Business

When you have an idea of what you want to look like but not the time to do the shopping, we've got you covered with our Personal Shopping service.
With budget first in mind, we shop for you and select pieces that will last and Uncuff the style that matches you best.

$ 175 for up to (2 hrs). Wardrobe update :
$275 (Up to 4hrs)

Personal Shopping

We identify your look, select a type of wardrobe, train on styling, and outfitting yourself so you understand your look while we take care of the styling that pulls it all together.
Our stylists shop with you in store to ensure satisfaction before purchase. Outfits are preselected before our session and an in closet session is included where we declutter down to must have's in the closet. 

$200 for a 2 hr session 


For those who don't like to look for gifts for their special someone and the last minute shoppers who know your budget for the gift but just can't get the special gift fully thought out. We'll grab the gift and leave you with all the credit.

$50 (for up to 1 hr)


We will pack your suitcase for the perfect get away with the perfect outfits to fit your trip.  It doesn't matter if it's a corporate retreat, conference or monthly trip, or if you're headed to vacation, your suitcase will be filled with personally styled, appropriate outfits that are fitting for the trip ahead.

$210 for a 2 hrs packing session 

Lets pack 

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