April 12, 2019

Spring Time

We are rising this year, as powerful women in charge. International Women’s Day may be officially past, but today I want to take time out to celebrate all of the business women, career driven women, and to the women who do not have it figured out, but are trying everyday. This spring photoshoot is very special to me because Fallon @grandedstyle is a woman I admire. We have been working on our individual brands for a long time now and this is just the beginning. Although our style is completely different we still seem to come together. It is good to have a friend with the same interest and passion as you. This Spring Style Inspiration was colorful, swanky, and full of laughter. As we walk the streets of Winter Park, Florida, I decided to complete my wardrobe with one piece, a full piece jumpsuit. This Jumpsuit caught my eye. I saw it on the Urban Outfitters website it was for sure pretty pricey, but look at the neckline. It was a must have for me. My shoes and handbag are from Salvatore Ferragamo.  My scarf and rings are thrifted  from the Goodwill in Winter Park, Florida. Topping off my wardrobe I bought these colorful tie-dye hair clips from Forever 21. Keep rising!






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